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The Medical Terminal Market Digs Deeper To Open Up A Broader Market Part 2
Apr 28, 2018

    Key market operations

    For the existing market, enterprises should not only get rid of the self-disciplined management mode, but also pay special attention to the various abnormal behaviors that the company has in the course of its operations. The abnormal behaviors mentioned here include, for example, seldom paying attention to the in-depth digging and development of existing markets, but focusing on the exploration of new customers and new markets. Therefore, under the premise of effectively restricting various abnormal sales behaviors, the company should conduct a subdivision of the regional market according to the overall market operations, and divide the key markets, potential markets, general markets, and blank markets, and be responsible for the regional operations. People go to the frontline of the market to effectively understand the market conditions and assist the market in higher-level development.

    The first step into the market is mainly the visit of old customers, the development of new channels, and the development of new customers. The second step is targeted development of key markets. First of all, we must determine the number of key markets, depending on whether the company's human, material, financial resources and other resources can be a good match for these markets! The principle to be grasped is: rather less and more refined, not much more! Concentrate advantageous resources in a few markets. Second, to select a key market, we must first understand what kind of market is suitable as a key development market. The standard is as follows:

    1. The sales volume is stable at a certain height and rarely changes due to external factors. The sales volume is relatively stable, and at a certain height, such market products have already formed a certain influence in the local market. Agents and consumers have basically accepted the products, formed a certain market basis, and are easy to promote and publicize, and are also easy to improve. Sales volume.

    2. The market has great potential and is suitable for further development. If due to factors such as customs, geography, and economic conditions, the local use of drugs and lack of media propaganda show that the market has potential to be tapped, it can also be used as a key market for development.

    3. The market has strong influence and can have a strong influence in large regions or industries. Since the market itself is in the center of information dissemination, regardless of the economic, information, etc., it has a strong radiation impact on the surrounding areas and even farther areas. Once established as a typical market, it will be conducive to guiding sales in the surrounding areas.

    4. Single product market competition is weak and easy to operate. The competition for single product in the region is not very fierce. Various manufacturers have not invested a large amount of marketing efforts in this market, and timely increase the intensity of market development, which can occupy an advantageous position in market development!

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    Vega Medical Equipment(Shanghai)
    Add: No.618, Jianyun Road, Zhoupu Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
    Tel: +86-021-67105200
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