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The Medical Terminal Market Digs Deeper To Open Up A Broader Market Part 1
Apr 26, 2018

The current market competition is extremely fierce. In particular, the operating companies whose investment is the main marketing model, when the increase in marketing costs is not in return for profits, they must carefully study the market changes and find a new way to open up the market.

    To analyze the existing market, there are two biggest problems: First, homogeneity of products is unprecedentedly severe; first, channel competition is unprecedentedly fierce. There are so many products of the same type or even the same drug name, and even the medicines related to the therapeutic mechanism have changed form in the form of replacement packaging and dosage forms. The fierce competition in the homogenization of products has led some companies to follow blindly. Enterprises blindly follow the trend of channel development, from clinical drugs to OTC chain, from the rural market to the community medical institutions, as long as there is a new concept in the industry, companies will be turning to them, mostly lack rational thinking and prudent choice.

    If investment enterprises still rely on “exhibition + advertising + telemarketing” to maintain daily product sales without thinking about changes, they will be eliminated by the market sooner or later. At present, a number of domestic companies with clear positioning and strong forward-looking actions have taken actions to conduct a new exploration of the marketing model. Digging the terminal is a new exploration.

    As the front line of product sales, the enterprise must attach great importance to it. The traditional investment enterprises must change the previous mode of ignoring terminal sales, and gradually transition from the passive market development mode in which only the call, mail, and information are sent from the office to the business staff to take root in the market, and grasp the local market dynamics and market conditions in detail. Effectively explore first-line resources and increase the competitiveness of products in the channels through integration. One of the key factors is that the company's sales staff must actively enter the market, rather than passively accept it. So, how to actively penetrate the frontline and dig deep into the potential of the terminal?

    Focus on channels

    Channels are channels for products to “marry” from companies to agents and consumers. Whether or not a product can be sold effectively depends on whether the company can deeply study the characteristics of the channel and whether it can achieve professionalism. How to explore real potential agents? Investment companies may wish to focus on the following points:

    1. The local bidding and tendering office can effectively contact a large number of customers whose main business is sales;

    2. The local affiliate company will have a large number of affiliated individuals appearing at the beginning or the end of the month;

    3. The person in charge of procurement of single store scattered throughout the country is also a direction of product sales.

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    Vega Medical Equipment(Shanghai)
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