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Medical Service Informatization Will Become A General Trend
Mar 16, 2018

Medical service informatization will become a general trend

Under the new medical reform situation, how can we ensure the public good attributes of public health care and effectively use third-party social forces to accelerate the development of the health industry? Industry insiders believe that the informationization of medical services is the general trend of medical development in China in the future, and is also one of the basic directions of China's new medical reform.

    According to the seminar on “The Future of Medical Service Informationization and Appointment Registration under the New Health Care Reform Situation”, with the rapid development of society and economy, information technology is continuously improving China’s people’s livelihood: going out by bus, swiping through the Internet and booking by phone. Air tickets, mobile phones and other utilities. The participation of many third-party social forces such as China Netcom and Ai Kang Guobin has also greatly promoted the informatization process of hospital services. Appointment and registration is a specific application of information technology in the field of medical services.

     Experts at the meeting said that China has a population of 1.3 billion. Providing information-based medical services for such a large population will be a vast systematic project. According to the latest data released in the 2008 China Health Statistics Summary, the total cost of health in China accounted for 4.7% of GDP, which was lower than 8.8% in Brazil and 6.5% in Mexico. And 7.7% of Turkey, far below the level of developed countries. In fact, the most fundamental problem is the serious shortage of medical resources caused by inadequate funding. Although the new medical reform plan will invest 850 billion yuan in the next three years, due to China’s long-term “debt service” in medical investment, especially the grass-roots rural and community medical systems, the existing investment will still be unable to fundamentally Resolve tensions in medical resources.

    Experts at the meeting believe that information technology will provide China Medical with the opportunity to rationally deploy and maximize the value of limited resources. From this point of view, the construction of an appointment registration system is an urgent task. The implementation of an appointment registration through advanced technologies such as the Internet is a specific application of medical service information. This has profound implications for the convenience of people seeking medical treatment and improving the utilization of medical resources, thereby solving the difficulty of medical treatment.

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