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What changes have experienced in the development of shadowless lamps?
May 25, 2018

Surgical shadowless lamp has developed to a present, experienced a variety of technological innovations, and its performance continues to evolve, but the basic structure and principles are similar.

In the 1920s, the French professor Weylland invented and made the earliest surgical shadowless lamp in the UK. He evenly placed many small flat mirrors on the shadowless dome and placed a 100W bulb on the dioptric lens. At the center, the entire shadowless lamp has a tapering spire. Later, the principle and shape of the shadowless lamp were used in this way, but this earliest surgical lamp had very poor performance.

In the 1930s and 1940s, shadowless lights were placed in the center of a large light shield, and the light source was an incandescent light bulb. Due to the limited technology at the time, the maximum power of the light bulb was only 200W. The area around the filament was so large that it could not control the light path and it was difficult to focus. The reflector was polished with copper material and it was difficult to reflect. Therefore, the illumination of the lamp is very low.

In the 1950s, in order to increase the illumination of shadowless lights, people began to increase the number of light sources, and a multi-lamp type shadowless lamp began to be used. Hole-type multi-lamp shadowless lamp has 4-14 small reflector holes, 15 or 25 watt mirror bulbs placed in the center of each reflector hole, and made of high-purity aluminum reflector. At the time, the 9-hole shadowless lamp had an illumination of 40,000 lux. However, the increase in the number of light bulbs undoubtedly leads to an illumination temperature, which increases the temperature rise of the surgical lamp, and easily causes discomfort to the working doctor and drying of the tissue at the surgical site. Detrimental to postoperative recovery.

In the early 1980s, Japan began to produce shadowless surgical shadowless lights. Using optical systems and cold light mirrors, it can better control the temperature rise. The light source is replaced with a halogen light source and the illumination is greatly improved.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, with the development of computer technology, countries have successively produced integrated reflective surgical shadowless lights. The reflector of this shadowless lamp is designed by CAD technology. The curved surface is formed by industrial stamping and formed into a polygonal reflection area. Many reflective surfaces overlap light to form an optical column of homology. This shadowless light column is basically as bright as daylight and has no shadows. Even if a doctor's body part obstructs part of the light source during surgery, it can still maintain uniformity.

In the 21st century, more and more human body parts are involved in surgery, more and more difficult surgery, shadowless lamp production is also more and more attention to detail performance. In addition to illuminance, shadowlessness, temperature rise control, color rendering and other basic performance parameters have been improved, the uniformity of light intensity is also strictly required, in order to prevent surgery light source failures have a significant impact on surgery, surgical shadowless lamp increases the backup power, it Can automatically switch in 0.3 seconds; In order to facilitate the adjustment of the height and direction of the shadowless lamp, surgical shadowless lamp can increase the disinfection of the central handle, can steplessly adjust the size of the spot and light illumination; In addition, with the remote medical and teaching development and other requirements, surgical shadowless lamp increases The camera system, in addition to these points, the laminar heat dissipation design of surgical shadowless lights, multi-articulated boom design is also a great bright spot.

In recent years, LED lights have been applied in the field of surgical shadowless lights, which has brought new opportunities for the development of surgical shadowless lights.

At present, the occupancy rate of LED surgical shadowless lamps in the domestic market is still not very high. However, we believe that with LED's advantages in terms of performance, as the technology becomes more mature and production costs decrease, LED surgical shadowless lamps must have bright prospects for development.

The following are the most popular LED surgical lights on the market:LED Overhead Surgical Light


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