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Shadowless lamp light source analysis
Apr 26, 2018

The development of surgical shadowless lights has basically been divided into two types of light sources, including halogen bulbs and LED bulbs.


Halogen bulbs (English: halogen lamps), abbreviated as halogen bubbles or halogen lamps, also known as tungsten halogen bulbs, quartz bulbs, are a variant of incandescent lamps.


The principle is to inject a halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. At high temperatures, the sublimated tungsten filament chemically reacts with the halogen. After cooling, the tungsten will resolidify on the tungsten filament to form a balanced cycle to avoid premature fracture of the tungsten filament. . Therefore halogen bulbs live longer than incandescent lamps.


Halogen lamp supply voltage is usually divided into two kinds of AC 220V and DC 12V.

All incandescent light-emitting principle is achieved using the heat emitting body and the heat radiating principle principle, simple incandescent filament is turned on to a sufficient current, filament heating to incandescence, the light will be issued, but the incandescent The life of the lamp can be quite short.

The basic lighting principle of tungsten halogen lamp is the same as that of incandescent lamps, and they are all thermal radiation sources. The difference is that the tungsten halogen lamp is filled with a special working gas. Its composition is 95% mixture gas (dibromomethane and helium) and 5% high purity nitrogen. These gases establish a halogen tungsten cycle in the bulb. The specific process after tungsten filament volatilize, move to a lower temperature place, and then combined to generate at the tube walls and WBR2 of Br2; while at higher temperatures, will WBR2 decomposed, will return to the filament W Above, Br returns to the working gas. This is the entire halogen tungsten cycle. Through such a tungsten halogen cycle, the tungsten on the filament does not gradually evaporate, the filament is blown due to the "hot spot" effect, and it does not black out due to deposition of tungsten on the bulb shell, and its life is greatly extended.


1. The function of the halogen lamp is to set a reversible chemical reaction with evaporation of tungsten from the filament.


2. In ordinary incandescent lamps, this is mainly deposited in tungsten bulbs. The halogen cycle keeps the bulb clean and maintains a constant light output throughout life.


3. At moderate temperatures, the vaporized tungsten reacts with the halogen, and the halogenation moves left and right and is filled with inert gas. Over a period of time, a higher temperature zone will be reached where it dissociates, releases tungsten and releases the halogen, repeating the process.


4. For this reaction to operate, the overall ball temperature must be higher than in a conventional incandescent lamp. The bulb must be made of fused silica (quartz) or a high-melting glass (such as aluminosilicate glass).


Light emitting diodes are simply referred to as LEDs.

It is a type of semiconductor diode that converts electrical energy into light energy. Compared with incandescent and xenon lamps, light-emitting diodes are characterized by low operating voltages (some only a few volts), low operating currents (some only emit light at a few milliamperes), and shock and shock resistance. Good, high reliability, long life; the intensity of light can be easily modulated by the intensity of current passing through the modulation. LED light source is referred to as the fourth generation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, micro, shock, easy dimming, beam focus, easy maintenance, etc., can be widely used Various directions, displays, decorations, backlights, general lighting and other fields.

LED advantages: electro-optical conversion efficiency (close to 60%, green, long life (up to 100,000 hours), low voltage (about 3V), repeatedly switching lossless life, small size, low heat generation, high brightness, durable, Easy dimming, multi-color, beam concentrated and stable, start without delay.

This is the common surgical shadowless two light sources, as people luminescence performance and energy-efficient LED operation shadowless demand more and more popular, and I produced the LED operation shadowless lamp through scientific design, excellent workmanship and materials, has been Ranked among the forefront of the industry and achieved excellent market response.

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