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Several factors that cause short-lived surgical lamp
Apr 09, 2018

At present, surgical shadowless lights must be familiar to everyone regardless of the type. After all, LED Medical Operation Surgical Light have become the standard equipment for operating rooms for many years. In addition to shadowless lamp performance and price, what the buyers are most concerned about is quality. What is related to it? Some readers here will definitely think that the quality is not the manufacturer's work materials, production process, and so on. In fact, it is actually more than this, of course, in addition to the factors mentioned above, which are relatively large manufacturers, also Some of them are in the hands of users. In some cases, products are good products. Under the improper operation of users, they will be derogated from their useful lives, and if they are not properly implemented, they will have some problems that affect their use.

(1) The height of the lamp base does not conform to the best position; the lamp base of the surgical lamp is at least 2 m above the ground.

(2) The facilities fixed on the ceiling are not properly arranged, and there is no guarantee that their respective functions do not interfere with each other, and it is not convenient for the lamp head to rotate, or the rotation easily collides with other objects.

(3) Use of corrosive liquids when cleaning shadowless lamps can damage the surface of Surgical Lights body.

(4) Adding other objects at random on the suspension basis of surgical operations will affect the balancing of the weights of the surgical lamp suspension mechanism.

(5) Halogen bulbs are very sensitive to human body fat. Sometimes the human body oil contacts the bulb through the fingers, and the oil will produce “hot spots”, which will affect the service life of the bulb.

(6) Halogen lamp replacement does not match the original lamp power.

(7) Frequently wipe the bulb mirror surface so that it will easily wear will affect the life of the bulb mirror surface.

(8) Repeated and frequent switching of the operating light will have an adverse effect on the operating light supply module and the lamp body.

(9) only use, never check and maintain.

The above lists some of the non-standard operating habits of surgical shadowless lamps. We hope that when using this type of products, we must carefully use them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, so as to obtain a better user experience.

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