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LED operating shadowless lamp features introduced 1
Sep 03, 2018

Shadowless lamp is an indispensable and important tool for the illumination of surgical site. It is required to observe objects of different depth, size and low contrast in the incision and body cavity in the best way. Accordingly, besides need "without shadow" outside, still need smooth illuminance is even, smooth quality is good, can very good area divides the color difference of blood and other organization of human body, viscera. In addition, the shadowless lamp has to be able to work continuously for a long time without giving off excessive heat, which can make the surgeon uncomfortable and dry the tissue in the surgical area.

   At present, there are still some surgical lamps that use annular CFLS or halogen lamps. However, with the continuous development of light-emitting diode LED technology, especially the development of high-brightness white LED, LED shadowless lamp has completely solved the congenital defect of annular CFLS, and is the upgrade of annular CFLS.

   LED operating shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp heads, petal-shaped, fixed on the balance arm suspension system, stable positioning, vertical or circular movement, which can meet the needs of different heights and angles in surgery. The whole shadowless lamp is made of several high brightness white leds, which are connected in series and connected in parallel. Each group is independent of each other, and if one group is damaged, the others can continue to work, so the impact on the operation is minimal. Each group is separately driven by a power supply module for constant current, and is subject to the adjustment control of a microprocessor, which can be adjusted stepless.


(1) excellent cold light effect: new LED cold light source is used as surgical lighting, which is a real cold light source. There is almost no temperature rise in the doctor's head and wound area.

(2) the light quality: white LED is different from ordinary operation shadowless lamp illuminant chromaticity characteristic, can increase the color of blood and other body tissues, organs, has resulted in a doctor's surgery more clear vision, flowing in, penetration of the organizations of the human body in the blood, viscera more easy to distinguish, this is the general surgical shadowless lamp does not have.

(3) ungraded brightness adjustment: digital stepless adjustment is adopted to regulate the brightness of LED. The operator can adjust the brightness at will according to its adaptability to brightness, so as to achieve the most ideal comfort level and make the eyes that work for a long time not easily feel tired.

(4) no strobe: as the LED shadowless lamp is powered by pure dc power, no strobe, which is not easy to make eyes tired, and will not cause harmonic interference to other equipment in the work area.

(5) the light evenly: adopting the special optical system, 360 ° uniform irradiation on observed objects, generating virtual shadow, the resolution is high.

(6) long life :LED shadowless lamp has a long average life, much longer than annular energy-saving lamp, and its life is more than ten times of that of energy-saving lamp.

(7) energy saving and environmental protection :LED has high luminous efficiency, impact resistance, no crushing, no mercury pollution, and the emitted light does not contain radiation pollution of infrared and ultraviolet components.



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