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Introduction of multi-parameter monitor and matters needing attention
Sep 13, 2018

The multi-parameter monitor is a kind of instrument which precisely monitors human vital signs, and is used in medicine, surgery, operating room, ICU ward, CCU ward, emergency room, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, pediatrics and other places. Therefore, it is also called multi-parameter vital signs monitor. It is generally suitable for patients with severe disease, who need to continuously monitor the rhythm, frequency, temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen saturation of the heart.

The monitor can reflect the instantaneous electrophysiological changes of the patient in time. Monitor patient vital signs information. It can help clinical patients to find and deal with problems accurately and ensure the safety of patients.

Matters needing attention

1. Before use, check the instrument first to see whether the cable connection line and electrode are aging and damaged. If so, it should be replaced in advance.

2. The instrument operator should read the equipment manual carefully to avoid damage caused by improper operation.

3. Do not place the equipment in the environment with anesthetics and inflammable and explosive materials to prevent accidents such as fire and explosion.

4. Clean the human body measurement site with medical alcohol to remove the cuticle and perspiration stains, so as to avoid improper contact between the skin and the instrument electrode, resulting in measurement problems.

5. Make sure there is no other electromagnetic interference in the workplace of the equipment.

6. Place the power cord and cable carefully to avoid winding them together.

7. Pay close attention to the actual clinical situation of patients, and set alarm volume and alarm limit by feeling the situation of patients.

When a battery is found to be leaking or smelling, it should be checked immediately, preferably with a new one.

9. If the system is unstable due to protective grounding, please use internal power immediately.

10. For the accessories to be used, they must be matched with the equipment. If the equipment is damaged in the vicinity of other models, the equipment shall be used according to the manufacturer's requirements.

11. Please replace the damaged packaging immediately if it is damaged in the vicinity of disposable and sterile products, so as not to affect the accuracy of the monitoring results.

Electromagnetic compatibility tests should be carried out before use to avoid the interference of radiofrequency radiation signals to other medical devices.

13. When multiple instruments are connected to the patient at the same time, the sum of leakage current shall not exceed the allowed value, so as to avoid causing shock injury to the human body.

14. For the storage requirements of equipment, keep away from electromagnetic interference sources, corrosive drugs, high temperature and humidity, keep the environment clean and avoid vibration.

15. Once the device is used, it cannot be used again to avoid unnecessary pollution.


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    Vega Medical Equipment(Shanghai)
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