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Functional characteristics of the medical central monitoring system
Sep 19, 2018

In the medical electronic equipment, the central monitoring system is attached great importance, which combines several monitoring devices to monitor the physiological parameters, state and behavior of patients in multiple beds. On the other hand, the central monitoring system can also set up all PC management systems of the hospital through RS232 serial bus, USB bus or special line to transmit and exchange information and realize resource sharing between departments. Therefore, the development of more advanced central monitoring system and its network development is an inevitable trend in the field of monitoring in medical electronics.

The central monitoring system is connected to the bedside monitor by one or more central monitoring stations. This scheme has obvious advantages. Improve work efficiency; Patients can be monitored throughout. Have the same custody mode and so on.

Main features:

1. Modular structure

2. Highly integrated

3. Digitization of products

4. Online communication

5. Convenient and reasonable interface and appearance design

6. Liquid crystal technology.

At the same time, it has: vivid and flexible display mode, powerful analysis function, multi-functional and simple operating system, and powerful network management function.

The medical monitoring system developed from the monitoring of single physiological parameters to the combined monitoring of human heart rate, body temperature, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen saturation, and developed from the monitoring of one bed to the simultaneous monitoring of multiple beds. In particular, the central monitoring system can continuously monitor multiple beds at the same time day and night, and quickly and accurately grasp the changes of the patient's physiological parameters. In case of any abnormality, it immediately calls the police and notifies the doctor to rescue at any time, which greatly reduces the death rate of critically ill patients and has high clinical value. Central monitoring system overview the central monitoring system can be connected with multiple multi-parameter bedside monitors and simultaneously monitor multiple bed patients and other important physiological parameters, thus realizing the centralized monitoring of ICU, CCU and other wards. The central monitoring host is the core of the whole monitoring system. The system adopts special multi-user real-time network hardware, and communicates with the bedside monitor through the system interface expansion box to achieve the purpose of central monitoring.


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